About us

ADIS Metall GmbH, Herne, was founded in 1992 and is active in the demolition and dismantling of industrial buildings.
and other construction projects in Germany and in the BENELUX region. The focus of its activities is on the dismantling of industrial buildings, production facilities, cranes and bridges. The company has approx. 30 employees.

Occupational health and safety has the highest priority when carrying out the company’s activities. We are of the opinion that every accident can be avoided. To this end, we want to make every effort to implement and maintain this guiding principle. This goes hand in hand with observing and complying with the regulations and rules applicable to our field of activity, legal regulations and other ordinances and rules. In addition, there are the requirements of the clients, whose implementation within the framework of the applicable legal regulations make a significant contribution to customer satisfaction. In order to achieve a continuous improvement of our services, we endeavour to work closely with our customers.

We want to successfully implement this challenge through high flexibility and reliability and thus secure and expand the competitiveness and existence of the company in the long term. We offer our customers comprehensive advice on all tasks assigned to us, including the preparation of demolition and dismantling concepts in the case of dismantling. By certifying our occupational health and safety management system in accordance with ISO 45001, we want to demonstrate our customers a high level of competence in terms of safety, health and environmental protection.

For ADIS Metall GmbH, Herne, the certification and regular external monitoring by an accredited certification body is an independent factor at which we can evaluate our services with regard to compliance with legal requirements as well as safety, health and environmental protection when carrying out dismantling and dismantling. In our view, this is a management task. We strengthen the motivation of our employees by transferring defined tasks and responsibilities, clear rules of procedures in the company and working with approved documents. This minimizes risks and ensures a fair partnership basis for our customers through comprehensible documentation and the development of new ones.

We want to constantly review and improve our processes with regard to safety, health and environmental protection in our company. We want to continuously improve the awareness of our employees for safety, health and environmental protection through training. Our actions in litigation are always geared to ensuring that no harm is done to persons within the company or to third parties. This also applies to the prevention of material damage and damage to the environment.

Safety always comes first with us.

As a service company, we have all the necessary safety certificates that have to be fulfilled in the context of dismantling work. Regular external and internal trainings ensure and extend the quality level of our services.

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Project: Deconstruction gravel-plant Goch

The project at the Hülskens company in Goch was completed in May 2021 and had a project duration of approx. one month. Among other things, four workers, two mobile excavators, a lifting platform and two truck-mounted cranes were used.

Project: DM Stahl

The project at the company DM Stahl in Hagen was completed in May 2020 and had a project duration of 4 days. Among other things, five workers and a mobile excavator were deployed.

Project: Hülskens

The project at the Hülskens company in Wesel was completed in September 2020 and had a project duration of approximately one month. Among other things, five workers, a mobile excavator, a lifting platform and two truck-mounted cranes were used.

Project: DEMAG

The DEMAG project in Wetter was completed in May 2019 and lasted 18 days. Among other things, five workers, a lifting platform, a mobile excavator and a truck-mounted crane were deployed.

Project: EVONIK

The Evonik Infrastructure project in Marl was completed in June 2019 and lasted 4 days. Among other things, two workers and a lifting platform were deployed.