The following principles apply with regard to security in the exercise of entrepreneurial activities:

  1. We provide safe and healthy working conditions appropriate to the size and context of the organisation, which are suitable for the prevention of work-related injuries and/or illnesses, in order to provide the services we offer.
  2. ADIS Metall undertakes to carry out its activities in compliance with legal and other requirements.
  3. ADIS Metall is committed to avoiding risks for its employees (including third parties) and the environment. For this purpose, the demolition and dismantling sites are analysed and assessed by a safety engineer before work begins.
  4. Only qualified and instructed personnel are used.
  5. Employees must wear the necessary personal protective equipment.
  6. Employees may only work with machines and equipment that have been tested.
  7. The foreman must act as a role model for the employees on the construction site.
  8. Every construction site is inspected by a safety auditor. Any defects found must be rectified immediately and the measures documented.
  9. The employees receive occupational medical care in accordance with the guidelines of the employers’ liability insurance association.
  10. Special activities (e.g. working in confined spaces) may only be carried out with appropriate permits.
  11. All employees can consult the foreman or the management directly at any time or be involved by the foreman or the managing director in the assessment of processes.

The management sees its task in actively supporting safety, health and environmental protection in the company through the provision of means to avoid customer complaints, accidents and environmental damage and thus to ensure the success of the company.

We have various certificates

As safety is always a top priority in our work, we want to communicate transparently with our customers. Therefore we offer below to download all the certificates we have received over the years.