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We are primarily responsible for the dismantling of industrial buildings/facilities and other construction objects in the Federal Republic of Germany and the BENELUX region.

This includes in particular the dismantling of industrial halls, bridge structures, cranes and production facilities.

Loading activities

We also offer loading activities with our large equipment. This enables us to load all equipment such as excavators and wheel loaders safely and transport them to the location of your choice.

We pay particular attention to all regulations and safety instructions. Safety is a top priority for us and we always keep everything safe.

Scrapping works

In addition to the dismantling and loading of large equipment, we also offer scrapping services. We mainly scrap plants, industrial structures and tanks. For scrapping we use our mobile excavators and chain excavators, which are equipped with modern hydraulic shears. We pay particular attention to clean work in order to protect nature.

Safety always comes first with us.

As a service company, we have all the necessary safety certificates that have to be fulfilled in the context of dismantling work. Regular external and internal trainings ensure and extend the quality level of our services.

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Project: DM Stahl

The project at the company DM Stahl in Hagen was completed in May 2020 and had a project duration of 4 days. Among other things, five workers and a mobile excavator were deployed.

Project: Hülskens

The project at the Hülskens company in Wesel was completed in September 2020 and had a project duration of approximately one month. Among other things, five workers, a mobile excavator, a lifting platform and two truck-mounted cranes were used.

Project: DEMAG

The DEMAG project in Wetter was completed in May 2019 and lasted 18 days. Among other things, five workers, a lifting platform, a mobile excavator and a truck-mounted crane were deployed.

Project: EVONIK

The Evonik Infrastructure project in Marl was completed in June 2019 and lasted 4 days. Among other things, two workers and a lifting platform were deployed.